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Alternate Three Peaks – Results


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As each month goes by we will add the height achieved that month to the chart.  This chart shows the ‘Height Required’ line to follow assuming we manage to achieve 2171 metres per month.  Each month the ‘Height Gained’ will be lengthened to represent our current position.

graph aug
Height Required = 19539 metres             Height Gained = 21610 metres

August has been a difficult month for two reasons.  Firstly, as a result of working with the Ordnance Survey at the Country File Live Show at Blenheim Palace, I only had 3 weekends available for walking.  Secondly, I had hoped that the knee injury I picked up whilst doing the Welsh 3 Peaks would have eased and I could have pushed myself again.  However, my left knee is still causing a lot of pain, even with a brace.  As a result my progress has been very slow this month resulting in the first month this year where I missed my target.  This month I climbed 1565 m (5135 ft) bring the total for the year to 20045m (65765 ft).  In ‘real’ terms this takes me third way up Everest.

Well July was an interesting month.  It all started with the Welsh Three Peaks challenge on the 4 Jul (See separate report) that added 1454m to the height climbed.  But more importantly, at the half way point in the climb up Cadair Idris I reached the 17197m point which is Kangchenjunga and K2 completed.  So only Everest at 8848m left to climb to complete this challenge.  The rest of the month was taken up with the Wilton House Walk (see seperate report) and two local walks.  Climb for the month is 2321m (7615 ft) bringing the total for the year to 18480m (60630 feet).

There is however, one slight problem at the moment.  Whilst descending Cadair Idris I sustained an injury to my left knee which has very seriously restricted my progress over the past two weeks.  We will continue to monitor the situation over the next month.  I am taking this weekend off as I am representing the Ordnance Survey at the Country File Live show at Blenheim Palace.

The emphasis for June was to do more height training rather than distance.  So I have walked 50 miles and climbed over 3000m (10000 feet).  This brings my total for the year to 16,159m or 53,015 feet, and puts me 1038m (3405 feet) short of the summit of K2.  All being well K2 will be achieved half way up Cadair Idris on the 4 July.

There will be no more training now before I take on the Welsh Three Peaks as the 1&2 Jul are rest days before I drive to Snowdonia ready to commence the challenge on the 4 July.

May has been another unusual month with all of my walking being spent in the South Downs National Park.  I also took a weekend off to attend the Ramblers Rights of Way workshop and presentation by Everest summiteer Bonita Norris.  That having been said, I still managed to walk just under 100 miles and climb 2306 metres.  This brings my total for the year to 13,410 metres or 44,000 feet.  In respect of the Alternate Three Peaks, I have climbed Kangchenjunga and am over half way up K2.

It is now 5 weeks to the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge so training continues at a heightened pace but with more emphasis being put on building the climbing stamina.  Although there are 5 weeks to go there is only 3 weekends that I can train so the pressure is really on now.

April has been an unusual month for me as I did not manage to get through to South Wales at all.  Instead I spent all my walking time in the South Downs National Park.  However, I have not been wasting my time, I have completed 50 miles of walking and a grand total of 2641 metres of climb.  This takes me to 11,104 metres for the year to date, 2420 metres (or 1 month) ahead of schedule.  So where is this in terms of the Alternate Three Peaks Challenge.  Well I have now climbed Kangchenjunga and am about a third of the way up K2.

So what of next month?  Well I now have just 9 weeks (from the beginning of May) before the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge.  As a result I will be ‘ramping-up’ the training and pushing for between 20-30 miles per weekend coupled with weight stepping and spin training during the week.

March has been a busy month with two trips through to South Wales and the remaining walks have been within the South Downs National Park.  Overall this month I have climbed a total of 2938 metres which has been fantastic.  This puts me 1950 metres ahead of schedule but more importantly I am only 123 metres below the summit of Kangchenjunga.  So the first of the three peaks is almost in the bag and I am only a quarter of the way into the challenge.

My plan for February is to achieve 2378 metres with the possibility of extending this to 3147 metres.  Well as the final walk of February 2017 has been completed I can reveal that the height for this month is 3367 metres giving a total to date of 5525 metres.  This is great news as I have caught up the shortfall from last month and I am now 1183 metres ahead of schedule.

January was a good start to the year with a total height gain of 2158 metres.  Whilst this is 13 metres short of the ideal it is not too far off the line to be of any concern – famous last words!!!!

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